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Related to the sanitary crisis of Covid-19, we had no choice but to make some changes in our organisation.

There’s an agreement between our government and our industry that implements some mandatory processes:

  • No more buffet breakfast. Breakfast will be served at your table, either inside or outside, with social distancing. Your order will have to be made at the front desk when you check in, or up to 8.30 pm.

  • No more room cleaning during the customer’s stay. Cleaning will only be done when you check out. Though, if during your stay, you need to change your towels, or empty your bin, you’re invited to leave them on your terrace before 11.30 am so we can replace them.

  • No more self-service brochures. If you need information about the activities around, feel free to ask the reception desk. If you want to leave us an appreciation regarding your stay, we’ll give you a satisfaction survey that you can slide in the ballot box provided.

We hope none of those changes will affect your stay and that you’ll still have the most amazing time staying with us.

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