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Découvrir le Médoc


Médoc vineyard and delicacies

Médoc is rich in resources, its vineyards, its gastronomy, its landscapes, and its architectural jewels. Your stay in Hourtin will be the perfect opportunity to visit Médoc wine castles, taste the amazing Médoc oysters and discover its astonishing heritage.

Chai unimedoc.jpg

Cave Uni-Médoc

The cellar is a winemaker association, that offers to buy bottled bulk wine, and a beautiful sound and light inside the winery.

noisettines du Médoc Hôtel les pins hourtin

Médoc Noisettines

Located in Blaignan, this family business offers caramelised chestnuts and other delicacies. 

cave de l'atlantide Hourtin

Cave de l'Atlantide

In the heart of Hourtin City, this cellar offers a varied selection of Médoc wines, and from elsewhere...

Médoc heritage

Standing at the top of a lighthouse with a 360° view, sitting at a table with oysters and good wine, casually walking through the vines, you’ll be amazed by all the wonders that Médoc has to offer.

huîtres du médoc Hourtin Médoc Atlantique

Médoc oysters

Raised on the banks of the Gironde estuary, several places offers to taste those delicious oysters.


Cordouan lighthouse

Running for being part of Unesco World Heritage, the Cordouan lighthouse is the last open sea lighthouse still operating thanks to human activity. It's also a real architectura wonder!

Phare de Richard Médoc Atlantique

Richard lighthouse

Located in Jau Dignac et Loirac, Richard lighthouse offers an breathtaking panoramic view over the Gironde estuary. This is the ideal place for a family day!

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